She heard a voice two times “Don’t forget about Commotio Cordis”

Sue Ferren joins Danny today to talk about a miraculous story of a little boy who was hit by a baseball and went into cardiac arrest. Sue spent 35 years as a paramedic in Oakland and San Francisco and has been on thousands of calls but this one was the most memorable. Commotio Cordis is a phenomenon that occurs only in young boys when they are struck in the chest at the most inopportune time and causes the heart to stop. Even with prompt CPR and Defib it is 65% fatal and without any intervention it is 80% fatal. 

Sue is a cancer survivor and has written a book called “The Fireman Wife” and is the founder and Executive director of a non profit that helps Emergency Personnel with PTSD called


Fathers Day Part 2-An Angel whispered in his ear “It’s going to blow”

FF Joe Vosilla joins Danny on this episode to talk about the Fathers Day Fire in June of 2001. Joe was assigned the Outside Vent Position in Ladder 116. He was working right along side FF’s Harry Ford and John Downing on the basement windows that were sealed up. Joe describes hearing a voice immediately before the explosion that took out half the building. The voice caused him to pull his head out of the basement window and turn his back to the wall. Had he not done that he would hae taken the full force of the blast in his face and chest. 

Angels on the Roof Tops helping firefighters in New York and Chicago

Lieutenant Brett Snow of the Chicago Fire Department joins Danny today to share his stories of Divine Intervention in Chicago. Brett is a 32 year veteran of the fire service 20 of those in the busiest firehouses in Chicago. Brett has a BS in Behavioral Science and a Masters Degree in Public Safety. He also has a doctorate in Clinical Christian Counseling. Brett is in the process of a ministry in servicing first responders who suffer from PTSD. Brett has published articles for Fire Engineering on this subject as well.

Chief Bobby Halton- Editor of Fire Engineering Magazine

Bobby joins Danny to talk about stories of Divine Intervention as well as their collaboration on a new book of the same name. Bobby shares a near miss as well as a few near misses he’s come across as editor and chief of Fire Engineering Magazine. Danny and Bobby encourage listeners to share stories of their own near misses to be aired and used in their upcoming book.