Lt John Sullivan Worcester Fire Department- The Silver Door

Chief John Sullivan was a Lieutenant working in Engine 3 of the Worcester Fire Department the night of the Cold Storage Fire where six firefighters lost their lives. Listen as John tells Danny about his decision not to enter through the “Silver Door”. Subsequently it was learned that the six firefighters that went through that door never came back. John also shares a few more instances that night, where surely the Hand of God was present. 

Published by Danny Sheridan

Danny Sheridan is a Battalion Chief with the New York City Fire Department for past 35 years. He is married with 3 grown girls. He has a pod cast about firefighting with a spiritual connection. He lectures about firefighting world wide. Author of a soon to be released book called "Parables from the Fire ground" He headed up a non profit called Mutual Aid Americas who helped build and equip fire departments in Latin America.

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