He was alone in the basement, the room was about to flash, then he felt a push which led him out the door


Chicago FireFighter from Squad 1, Severen Henderson joins Danny to talk about his incredible tale of survival in the basement of a Multiple Dwelling. This fire occurred in the Bridgeport neighborhood of Chicago on February 19, 2021. Seve responded in with his company and was told to check the basement by the Chief. He made his way to the rear and entered the basement which was ready to Flashover. He made it in half way when he realized that he was in trouble, the heat was on top of him like a blanket. He transmitted a “Mayday” a few times without being acknowledged, the situation was dire, he felt helpless so he decided to lay flat and wait. He describes feeling being “Lifted to his Knees by an invisible force” and pushed up the stairs to the rear yard. He was intubated and transported to hospital with burns to his shoulder.  

Published by Danny Sheridan

Danny Sheridan is a Battalion Chief with the New York City Fire Department for past 35 years. He is married with 3 grown girls. He has a pod cast about firefighting with a spiritual connection. He lectures about firefighting world wide. Author of a soon to be released book called "Parables from the Fire ground" He headed up a non profit called Mutual Aid Americas who helped build and equip fire departments in Latin America.

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