She heard a voice two times “Don’t forget about Commotio Cordis”

Sue Ferren joins Danny today to talk about a miraculous story of a little boy who was hit by a baseball and went into cardiac arrest. Sue spent 35 years as a paramedic in Oakland and San Francisco and has been on thousands of calls but this one was the most memorable. Commotio Cordis is a phenomenon that occurs only in young boys when they are struck in the chest at the most inopportune time and causes the heart to stop. Even with prompt CPR and Defib it is 65% fatal and without any intervention it is 80% fatal. 

Sue is a cancer survivor and has written a book called “The Fireman Wife” and is the founder and Executive director of a non profit that helps Emergency Personnel with PTSD called


Published by Danny Sheridan

Danny Sheridan is a Battalion Chief with the New York City Fire Department for past 35 years. He is married with 3 grown girls. He has a pod cast about firefighting with a spiritual connection. He lectures about firefighting world wide. Author of a soon to be released book called "Parables from the Fire ground" He headed up a non profit called Mutual Aid Americas who helped build and equip fire departments in Latin America.

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