The Invisible Hand on the Fireground

A Spiritual based Podcast hosted by Battalion Chief Danny Sheridan from the FDNY. Guests share stories of Fire/EMS calls where the Firefighter or EMT felt Divine Intervention assisted in the call/fire that resulted in a safe outcome. Danny has been with the FDNY for 35 years working in the South Bronx. He has seen first hand countless incidents that defy explanation. Join him as he seeks out other firefighters and EMTs who have had similar experiences.

The Invisible Hand on the Fireground

Stories from the field where Divine Providence changed the outcome of the emergency or fire for the better

Photo-Our Lady, Star of the Sea Dublin Ireland

Episode 19- Everyday Miracles from 9/11 to South America

Chief Mark Szczepanik from Orchard Park NY joins Danny today to share some of his everyday faith with Danny. Marks gut instinct at a house fire told him to not enter a burning house which eventually suffered a floor collapse where for sure a few firefighters would have gone into a burning basement. Danny shares some of his own rescues and events that occured on 9/11 where 2 engine strike teams were spared from being at the collapse due to some unforeseen events and more. Listen to some of these everyday miracles Danny and Mark share that most people would take for granted

Episode 18- FDNY Deputy Chief Tommy Fox World Trade Center Miracle

This episode is a rebroadcast of Danny’s Fire Engineering Radio Show called “First Due Battalion Chief”. Tonight Danny is joined by Retired Lieutenant Ray Calinan and  Deputy Chief Tommy Fox from FDNY to talk about their experiences in the FDNY during the “War Years”. Tommy shares his experience at Ground Zero one October afternoon where a miracle took place on the pile saving the lives of potentially hundreds of firefighters. 

Episode 17- Lt John Sullivan Worcester Fire Department- The Silver Door

Chief John Sullivan was a Lieutenant working in Engine 3 of the Worcester Fire Department the night of the Cold Storage Fire where six firefighters lost their lives. Listen as John tells Danny about his decision not to enter through the “Silver Door”. Subsequently it was learned that the six firefighters that went through that door never came back. John also shares a few more instances that night, where surely the Hand of God was present. 

Worcester Cold Storage fire where 6 FFs were lost

Episode 16- His Wife passed over at 3:43, just one of the many signs Chief Pat Kenny had gotten in his lifetime

Pat always believed that being a firefighter is a vocation, and if called, God gives firefighters a “Cape” to enable them to go places and do things that others cannot or should not have to do to protect and save lives. As a father and husband, the number-one responsibility is to protect blood family, wife, and his three children. As a fire chief, his number-one responsibility is to protect his extended family and the members of his department. He faithfully put on that “Cape” every day with both families in mind. However, when the person he wanted to save the most was in a battle for his life, the Cape failed him.As a father, the self-identified protector, experienced the pain and helplessness of watching his youngest son Sean, struggle with mental illness for most of his life. He could not protect him from his struggles with mental illness or save his life when he died by suicide at the age of only twenty.He has taken on Sean’s mission through speaking and sharing with audiences that mental illness is a proven physical illness, not a character weakness, and indeed it is not a choice any more than one chooses cancer.In his presentations, he uses a side by side comparison of mental illness and brain cancer. One day, his wife Eileen, who was always by his side, encouraging him to share Sean’s message, without any significant symptoms or warning, was diagnosed with glioblastoma, an incurable brain cancer. He’s a big believer in signs, and both his wife and him wondered, did they somehow know what was about to strike their family when they choose, of all illnesses, brain cancer as the comparison?Before his wife passed and joined his son Sean in heaven, she made him promise to continue to spread Sean’s message that mental illness is a physical illness and to write a book. He’s honored both of these promises and intends to continue to do so with the same passion Sean and Eileen lived their lives.

Episode 15- God gave him a gift of knowing that the little girl was in a good place

Lt Mike Daly joins Danny this week to talk about some of his experiences in his small New Jersey career fire department. He talks about and experience where they had a fire in a 2 1/2 story Private Dwelling where for some unknown reason he decided to withdraw the attack and moments later the room flashed. Danny shares a similar incident in a 2 1/2 story Private Dwelling that caught him in a Flashover where he survived. Another story that ended tragically where a little girl was killed in a horrific car accident on the New Jersey Turnpike, later that night she visited him in a dream. 

Episode 14- Engineer Jay Bettencourt Asheville North Carolina FD “I thought I was dead when we ran out of air”

FF Jay Bettencourt and Captain Jeff Bowen from Rescue 3 were fighting for their lives when they become lost in a Medical Complex fire July 28, 2011. Listen to a first hand report of what happened in those last few moments when the two firefighters attempted to buddy breath and they lost all their air on the 5th floor of the fireproof building. They both were suffering from Carbon Monoxide Poisoning which impaired the Captains’ ability to make rational decisions. This is where Jay decided to take control. He doesn’t consider himself a Religious person but what happened next is unexplainable. Listen to how possibly the prayers of his Uncle, Brother Ambrose, a monk may have helped Jay in the most dire moment of his life.

Episode 13- Battalion Chief Andy Starnes “Coincidences are just God’s way of staying anonymous”

Battalion Chief Andy Starnes joins Danny today to talk about his experiences in the Charlotte Fire Department. Andy shares with Danny a near miss at a training fire where his injury almost forced him to have to retire but instead it opened the door for him to start teaching the Thermal Imaging Camera. He then gets Danny to open up and share a near miss at a training fire when he was a young lieutenant that he’s never talked about before where he and crew of four other people were caught in a flashover.

Episode 12- Fathers Day Part 4- Mike Milner from Rescue 4

Mike Milner retired from Rescue 4 joins Danny to talk about the Fathers Day Fire from his vantage point. Mike shares his struggles with dealing with the aftermath of the Fathers Day Fire and September 11th. Mike tells shares with us the heroic tale of how FF John Downing from Ladder 163 left his position to help FF Harry Ford who was struggling with venting windows on the Exposure 2 side of the store which in turn collapsed killing them both. 

Mike 4th on Right

Episode 11- Part III of the Fathers Day Fire “Sometimes beautiful sunny days don’t always end very well”

Battalion Chief Brian Kearny FDNY joins Danny to tell his story about the Fathers Day Fire, June 17 2001. This year is the 20th anniversary of that tragic sunny day where the FDNY lost 3 of its own. No one could ever imagine what was going to unfold just a few months later when the FDNY suffered its greatest tragedy ever. Brian is a member of the FDNY Bagpipe band and he describes the following year of the 100’s of funerals and memorials they attended. The Band did not miss a single service, a testimony to the types of people that wear the FDNY uniform. 

Episode 10- Experience is the Best Teacher

Captain Jimmy Davis from the Chicago Fire Department joins Danny to talk about his 27 years of experience in the CFD. Jimmy and Danny share some harrowing near misses with one commonality, experience saved their lives. Danny talks about Battalion Chief Royal Fox from FDNY and how his experience at a near miss in the 1950’s helped save the life of 10 firefighters in the basement at the 23rd street fire. 

Episode 9- He was alone in the basement, the room was about to flash, then he felt a push which led him out the door

Chicago FireFighter from Squad 1, Severen Henderson joins Danny to talk about his incredible tale of survival in the basement of a Multiple Dwelling. This fire occurred in the Bridgeport neighborhood of Chicago on February 19, 2021. Seve responded in with his company and was told to check the basement by the Chief. He made his way to the rear and entered the basement which was ready to Flashover. He made it in half way when he realized that he was in trouble, the heat was on top of him like a blanket. He transmitted a “Mayday” a few times without being acknowledged, the situation was dire, he felt helpless so he decided to lay flat and wait. He describes feeling being “Lifted to his knees by an Invisible Force” and pushed up the stairs to the rear yard. He was intubated and transported to hospital with burns to his shoulder.  

Episode 8- She heard a voice two times “Don’t forget about Commotio Cordis”

Sue Farren joins Danny today to talk about a miraculous story of a little boy who was hit by a baseball and went into cardiac arrest. Sue spent 35 years as a paramedic in Oakland and San Francisco and has been on thousands of calls but this one was the most memorable. Commotio Cordis is a phenomenon that occurs only in young boys when they are struck in the chest at the most inopportune time and causes the heart to stop. Even with prompt CPR and Defib it is 65% fatal and without any intervention it is 80% fatal. 

Susan Farren is the founder of First Responders Resiliency Inc. A graduate of the Stanford paramedic program, Susan has served her entire career in the industry of pre-hospital care. Serving in both the private and public sectors as a paramedic, supervisor, operations manager, peer counselor, clinical manager, EMS educator and consultant throughout the greater Bay Area.

After being diagnosed with kidney cancer in 2016, Susan had to come to grips with the physical, emotional and mental impact the career had taken on her – and the Resiliency Training Program was born.

After her treatment and recovery, Susan dove into the research and subsequent data discovered involving the mental and physical impacts the industry had taken on her. Armed with that knowledge she pulled together a team of experts from every division of the industry who are working as a team to change the lives of First Responders.

A regularly sought after inspirational speaker and the published author of The Fireman’s Wife, A Memoir. Her second book, Firestorm, A Survivor’s Story is due for release in 2019

Episode 7- Fathers Day Part 2-An Angel whispered in his ear “It’s going to blow”

FF Joe Vosilla joins Danny on this episode to talk about the Fathers Day Fire in June of 2001. Joe was assigned the Outside Vent Position in Ladder 116. He was working right along side FF’s Harry Ford and John Downing on the basement windows that were sealed up. Joe describes hearing a voice immediately before the explosion that took out half the building. The voice caused him to pull his head out of the basement window and turn his back to the wall. Had he not done that he would have taken the full force of the blast in his face and chest. 

Episode 6- Angels on the Roof Tops helping firefighters in New York and Chicago

Lieutenant Brett Snow of the Chicago Fire Department joins Danny today to share his stories of Divine Intervention in Chicago. Brett is a 32 year veteran of the fire service 20 of those in the busiest firehouses in Chicago. Brett has a BS in Behavioral Science and a Masters Degree in Public Safety. He also has a doctorate in Clinical Christian Counseling. Brett is in the process of a ministry in servicing first responders who suffer from PTSD. Brett has published articles for Fire Engineering on this subject as well.

Episode 5- Chief Bobby Halton- Editor of Fire Engineering Magazine

Bobby joins Danny to talk about stories of Divine Intervention as well as their collaboration on a new book of the same name. Bobby shares a near miss as well as a few near misses he’s come across as editor and chief of Fire Engineering Magazine. Danny and Bobby encourage listeners to share stories of their own near misses to be aired and used in their upcoming book.

Episode 4- The Forgotten Fire- Fathers Day 2001

Tonight Danny is joined by BC Brendan Manning who was working in FDNY Ladder 163 in June of 2001 when a hardware store exploded sending him out into the street. He attributes the Angels intervening in saving his life at this tragic fire where the casualties could have been a lot worse. 

Episode 3- Nothing shall deter the Roofman from getting the Roof

Danny Sheridan talks with FF Kerry Murphy from Ladder 29 in the South Bronx about the night he fell 72 feet at 65 miles per hour into a shaft and survived. FF Murphy shares his experience of how while he was tumbling towards sure death his conversation with God and his departed Aunt in Ireland, Sister Grace.

Episode 2- A Christmas Story

Tonight Danny is joined by his dear friend Billy Larsen. They worked together in Ladder 17 in the South Bronx. The main story tonight is about a fire in a 5 Story Vacant Tenement where there was a collapse and all members survived due to an intervention of a new inexperienced firefighter.

Episode 1- The View From the Inside was the Right One

Battalion Chief Danny Sheridan interviews Battalion Chief Jack McGovern on this premier episode about a fire in a shooting range that almost ended in disaster for him and his young crew of 3 firefighters aged under the age of 18. Chief Sheridan explores where the Hand of God may have aided in saving the 4 Firefighters lives amongst other discussion about all things fire. 

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